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Interested in Riding a Camel? Here’s the Best Places in the World to Hop On Board!

Camel riding has been documented starting some 3,000 years ago in Saudi Arabia. A powerful animal who is extraordinarily resilient to heat, camels are perfect for desert living. They have historically been used as a means of transportation, a currency, and a method of storage. These creatures are well-adapted to the desert environment, given their long legs and small hoofs that minimize exposure to the sun and the heat. But the most extraordinary setting is that of a person riding a camel. Bedouins were the first people to domesticate the animal, but riding a camel is the epitome of partaking in this incredible tradition.

But now, the average vagabond is more than capable of going camel riding as part of a memorable vacation. There are some incredible places to ride camels all over the world, some of which are mighty unexpected. Sure, you can have a fantastic experience riding camels in the Moroccan Sahara desert. Most people start their journeys in Marrakesh and take an excursion that will take them on a several hours ride through the desert landscape. The classic shadow of a camel caravan over the dunes photograph is feasible throughout the trip and will make for incredible memories. For a more immersive experience, select a package that includes an overnight stay in a Bedouin tent. You will be uncomfortable as all heck because of the drastically dropping temperatures in the desert, but the time spent with the locals is rewarding and unforgettable.

Interested in Riding a Camel? Here’s the Best Places in the World to Hop On Board!

If you choose to take a vacation in Egypt, make sure to swing by the exemplary camel trekking facilities. There, you can choose from a large variety of locations. A quite popular trail is along the Nile river so you can see the incredibly fertile region for yourself. The more touristy option includes riding along the ancient pyramids for a different perspective of the pharaoh’s tombs. Finally, if you must journey through a desert, pretend you’re in Biblical times and go through Sinai for some great photo ops.   

Australia is perhaps the most unexpected way in which you can enjoy camel riding. Alongside koala spotting, running away from crocodiles, and enjoying the Outback, riding these epic animals became popular around the time that the country was settled by the Britons. This was mostly the case because these animals are much more adapted to the hot climate, especially compared to horses, which were the primary form of transport at the time. Today, you can choose from single or multi-day trips in various parts of the country. Riding through Australia is different from other experiences because it will usually include going through bodies of water along with passing through the desert.

Interested in Riding a Camel? Here’s the Best Places in the World to Hop On Board!

Riding a camel through the mountains of Tanzania is possibly the most incredible story you could tell in the lifetime. The most common route involves taking a safari adventure up to Mount Kilimanjaro. There, a plethora of flora and fauna can be enjoyed from the top of the mountain. The animal wildlife is particularly extraordinary and includes hyenas, zebras, leopards, and elephants. You can pick any length of trip, but most people select a three-day adventure. This is an ample amount of time to see everything there is to see in a leisurely manner.   

An unusual way of experiencing the Silk Road in China is via camelback. Some interesting sights to enjoy in transit include the ancient town of Dunhuang, Hechang, and the ruins of Yumegan. It is possible to customize camel rides through the country based on your time constraints and interests. Taking this trip on a camel provides a different perspective on the country’s past.

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